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Gold Day!!

2007-11-19 20:58:30 by Evannator

So, today has been the first Gold Day in NG history. It all began with me and other users stumbling upon an account, youihate39. He had 3 flash reviews, and 1 audio review, all being abusive. However, I refreshed the page, and he had 10 flash reviews. It grew, until he had 109 flash reviews and 14 audio reviews, all of which being flagged. Then, I began refreshing the page again, and my whiste had risen to bronze, and his account was gone. So, every November 19, he returns to spread cheer and abusive reviews.

UPDATE: About six hours after youihate39, OMFGZINKO posted 166 reviews, all saying "poop". This is an awesome day for those trying to raise their whistle level. Long live gold day!

Pic Caption: I think we can all agree that is one of the greatest understatements in NG history.

Gold Day!!


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2007-11-20 00:42:32

but the reviews are gone now!!! muahahahahaha :-)

(Updated ) Evannator responds:

Well, if it weren't for them, I would be a low bronze right now, and if it weren't for you, they wouldn't have gotten deleted as fast :D


2007-11-20 00:46:56

I missed the first, but got all the second :3

(Updated ) Evannator responds:

I got both first and second, andwent from a normal, to a bronze, and to a silver.


2007-11-20 00:58:37



2007-11-20 01:32:38

Gold Day is the shiznit!


2007-11-21 21:44:31

no one told me